Silent- Barrier Free
Folding Screen Door

EZ Slide System
Low Profile Track Base allows for Barrier-free entrance
  • Unlike traditional screen doors, the fully retractable caterpillar track design allows for a barrier-free space entrance in your home.
  • The track base profile is nearly flush with the floor and does not pose a risk to children and elderly.
  •  Lower dust accumulation compares to sunken profile, easier to clean.
  •  Easy wheel-chair access, convenient for elderly and those with mobility problems, easier for rolling a pram in or out, young toddlers, and of course anyone who would prefer not having a step on the way in, or an extra obstacle to trip over!
Precision Engineering & Design
  • Onwell’s silent track design thanks to the use of special composite plastics allows for silent open/close operations.
  • Propriety design of the  retractable sliding screen door allows for effortless open /close operations without ever derailing or getting stuck.
  • The caterpillar track is is robust and may be twisted 360 degrees without breaking off.
Quietly folding screen door
Three-layer structure of folded yarn
  • 1Polyolefin environmental protective material
  • 2The network cable is fixed between the meshes
  • 3The network cable is connected to the outer wear-resistant PE
  • 4The inner diameter material is reinforced tough PP
Magnetic Latching System for Screen Door
  • Magnetic design on the folding screen door endures no air gap.
  • magnetic screen doors can help you outsmart insects, closing quickly before they can follow behind you. These doors also effectively keep out dust and dirt while still allowing fresh air, sunlight, and breezes to come through.
Installation Instructions
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Silent single-opening trackless folding screen door
Silent double-opening trackless folding screen door

Our International export division currently supplies EZ Slide Screen door systems to many of the world’s best-known window and door manufacturers. 

Onwell offers a variety of frame colors to better match your project design. Painting options include powder paint spraying and electroplating. Get in touch with us to find solutions for your particular project.

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