Quality Control

Providing quality assurance is more than just a second thought.
It’s why, with every service we provide, we always ensure the highest level of quality control and workmanship when it comes to fabrication.

Surface Treatment

Proper surface treatment of aluminium profiles requires a lot of know-how and experience.
In order to ensure the highest quality, Onwell collaborates with selected painting companies that strictly adhere to our high standards and regulations.

Incoming Color Inspection
Incoming Color Inspection

The color and paint finish of the screen window frame is checked one by one to ensure that the aluminum frame has no flaws and is matching customer requirements. 

Incoming Inspection

We implement a very precise quality control process to meticulously check every incoming aluminum frame batch that arrives at our warehouse.

Each frame that enters into our production and assembly process is first analyzed and approved by our quality team before being carefully moved to either the storage or the production area of our assembly department.

Rest Assured Our Quality Control Exceeds Customer Standards!

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