Dust Screen

Green Web Protection Screen blocks out Pollen, Dust and other air-borne pollutants from your living space.

Clean Air
Green Web PM2.5
GreenWeb anti-haze screen window electrostatic layer is effective in isolating PM2.5 - the screen mesh can intercept dust
Block Ultra fine Dust Particles (PM2.5)
  • Too much fine particulate matter (PM) pollution can cause many serious public health issues.
  • As an alternative to indoor air protection which usually relies on expensive and energy-consuming filtering devices, Onwell’s Green Web screens solution offers direct PM2.5 filtration directly through the window or door screens.
Electrostatic Properties
  • Most of the suspended particles (PM10-PM2.5) in the air will be filtered and captured by the positive and negative electrostatic properties on the surface of the Green Web screens.
  • Propriety polymer nanofiber networks developed as electrostatic transparent filters for highly efficient removal of tiny floating particulate matter such as PM2.5 allow for a cost effective and environment friendly way of indoor air protection.
UV Resistance
  • GreenWeb screens are made of spun-bonded polyester fiber with nano-reinforced coating, which has excellent tensile strength and good UV resistance.
  • The mesh density is high, but does not affect the visibility,or breath ability so you can still enjoy the scenery and fresh air outside.
Pollen - Second-hand Smoke - Tiny Insects
  • The tightly woven advanced mesh design of Green Web screens can not only capture large particles but also effectively prevent foreign objects such as pollen, second-hand smoke or small insects such as gnats & mosquitoes from entering the home.
  • Although the nano grid is dense, the air flow or permeability is not affected, allowing for clean and fresh air to enter into your habitat.
Improved Rain Protection - Easy to Clean
  • Green Web screens have a special dense grid to prevent rain splashes
  • The screen surface is smooth and flat reducing dust accumulation
  • Easy to clean, gently scrub with water
  • Passed EU environmental protection (REACH) inspection standards
  • Green Web screens have no unpleasant smell, one-time installation, and are low-maintenance costs
  • Green Web pollution reducing screens can effectively block PM2.5 fine particles and drastically improve air quality benefiting individuals prone to dust and pollen allergies
Let's Work Together!
Green Web Window & Door Screen Mesh

Our International export division currently supplies Green Web PM2 screen technology to many of the world’s best-known window and door manufacturers. 

Get in Touch with us and we can work with you to find solutions for your particular project.

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