Screen Manufacturing

At Onwell we have put great effort into the planing, organization, and optimization of our manufacturing process management, from raw materials into finished products.

Our Key Focus to improve the function of production management is to find the:

Right Quality

Right Quantity

Right Time

Right Cost

OEM Screen Manufacturer

From raw inventory management to routing manufacturing, under operations management, we develop plans and tactics that help achieve lean inventory and a smooth production flow to get a competitive edge over your competitors. Our OEM manufacturing supports large construction projects around the world.

window and door screen manufacturer Confirm the goods again before shipping.
window and door screen manufacturer

OEM Product Design

Over the years we continue to work hand in hand with our clients, strong focus is put on whether the product caters to the need of the customers and follows the market trends.

Your product may have survived the prototype stage, but people’s needs and wants change, and you need to be ready to adapt your product with those shifts in trends and predictions.

Onwell team is here to lead and guide you in the correct descisions, and offer solutions to improve your designs.
Production Process

OEM Screen Manufacturer Quality Control

R&D, design, testing, manufacturing, quality inspection, packaging and more. 

Working with Onwell as your OEM screen manufacturer means you choose a responsible and reliable supplier to grow your business like never before.

Inspection of  incoming aluminum extruded materials into the factory, assembling inner and outer frames, powder coating, inspecting stainless steel pipes, plastic fittings assembly, hardware fittings assembly, multi-layer glass production, finished product packaging, quality inspection and shipment, you can count on Onwell to deliver the best service.

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